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Project Info:

Web Design | Web Development | Digital Marketing Strategy

Solaris is located on a 2000 sq.m. lot along one of the streets running up the southern slopes of Achrafieh, one of Beirut's oldest and densest neighbourhoods. Instead of distributing the residential units between three low-rise buildings, as encouraged by the 70% land exploitation guideline, our scheme opts for a very small footprint – 1/5 of the lot. The minimal ground impact allows for the rest of the lot to play host to a large garden that will act as the village green, reminiscent of Achrafieh's past. The building seeks to provide residents with intimate and cozy spaces; ones that were once characteristic of the district, but that were eventually lost to the urban sprawl.

What we did:
- Web Design
- Web Development
- Digital Marketing Strategy
- Social Media

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