Sumal Foods

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Web Design | Web Development | Digital Marketing

SUMALFOODS Ltd. is a name entirely synonymous with quality and is highly committed to maintaining its moral beliefs.

The business is known for the high quality biscuits, chewing gum, and toffees it manufactures under the SUMALFOODS group; as well as for a number of leading companies under their own names YALEFOODS and VITALFOODS. Well known products include Digestive, Malted Milk, Robot gum, Drops, and etc.

Enjoyed across Nigeria, SUMALFOODS products are also exported to neighboring countries. The Company buys the very best raw materials available in the market and then processes them through the most effective machinery. We employ a high quality workforce, which is supported by our commitment to training and development.

What we did:
- Web design
- Web development
- Social Media Strategy
- Hosting
- Business Cards

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