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Webneoo: Digital agency created in 2012.
Web Marketing & SEO

From web design to digital marketing or community management, our web consultant are here to help you succeed with your projects. Since 2013, Webneoo helps companies grow by proposing innovative solutions such as: Logo redesign, Centralization of communication (newsletter, brochures, website, social network, games, mobile apps).

The knowledge of web problems is an advantage to better adapt to internet's need. From the development of your brand to the acquisition of new markets, each problem has a solution for it.

Webneoo offers different types of consulting services such as:

  • Consulting
  • Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Engineering
  • Web Design
  • Web Marketing
  • SEO
  • Agile Methodologies (SCRUM)

Our team is composed of passionate people who deploy digital strategies of different clients in different fields.


Web marketing is one of the main component of modern marketing: it not only needs knowledge of the target market but also technical knowledge that helps you optimizing your digital growth.

Webneoo guides its clients to optimize the visibility and performance of their digital tools.

Graphic design, management of micro sites, micro games, community management, natural/paid ranking, website stats analysis or newsletters implementation are elements that Webneoo's consulting team use to build your web marketing strategy.

Objectives of web marketing:

  • Traffic aquisition
  • Increase of number of visits
  • Increase of conversion rate
  • Increase of shopping cart size
  • Optimization of sales funnel
  • Acquisition of data and leads
  • Development of community

Tools used for web marketing:

  • Ads campaigns (Facebook Ads, Google adwords)
  • SEO (Natural ranking)
  • Content Marketing
  • Landing page
  • Newsletter
  • Micro Site
  • Community management
  • SMS mailing
  • Partnership and affiliation
  • Marketplaces
  • Retargeting


The natural website ranking is very important to guarantee the success of your online presence (and therefore the presence of your company). Working on your SEO is a mandatory step to maintain a good visibility and keep a good traffic. There are more than 1 billion websites on the web and not less than 30'000 billion pages indexed on Google. Therefore, whether you have a corporate website, or an e-commerce, you cannot be visible on the web without working on your natural ranking and your SEO.

The main goal of working on your SEO is to increase your visibility on the web to increase your number of visitors and customers.

Why working with an agency?

Working on your SEO is not an easy task. A proper guidance with one of our SEO consultant while creating or refactoring your website will help you getting a very good website ranking. Optimizing your ranking is very complex and needs lots of technical optimizations while keeping up to date with the evolutions of criteria requested by search engines.

Important note: Optimizing the natural ranking is not a one time task, it is a regular work that needs to be updated on a regular basis.

How do we do an SEO audit?

The main objective our consultants is to get you a return on investment. But before advising you on the strategy, we need to first understand your business activity. The audit will analyze:

  • Your actual performances
  • The main keywords that you want to be ranked for
  • The keywords used by your competitors
  • The architecture and content of your website
  • Your technical performances
  • The quality of your net linking.
  • Recommendations regarding the technologies to avoid
  • Preparation of your requirement book
  • Consulting regarding the sitemap of your website
  • Study of the website ergonomics
  • Study of internal links
  • Etc.

There is no general SEO strategy. An audit is the only solution to establish a strategy adapted to your business and reach your target.

How much does an SEO strategy cost?

The cost of an SEO campaign depends on many different factors such as Objectives, Size of website, Work already done etc. A quotation can be sent after an SEO audit.

Why does an SEO strategy take time?

The optimization of natural ranking is not a sprint. The results can show up between few weeks and few months after establishing the strategy. The results are visible on the long run. You cannot be on the 1st page of a search engine immediately but once you'll get there, you will stay for a while.

Will you have to pay for SEO itself?

There are 2 ways to guarantee a good visibility in search engines: Natural ranking and paid ranking. These 2 methods do not have impacts on each other.

Natural ranking is a technical process that will increase your website visibility by putting your website in the first pages of Google without paying for the search engine. The goal is to attract a maximum of visitors on your website. It guarantees an important return on investment because your website traffic will increase without you paying anything.

Paid ranking, consists in buying keywords on search engines to get sponsored links on top of natural search results. This will boost immediately your traffic but your link will disappear as soon as you stop the campaign (or you stop paying).

Ranking your website on search engine, whether it is paid or not is a full time job. It is a complex task that requires technical knowledge and patience. Webneoo will guide you to optimize your website ranking:

  • Audit and strategy creation for your SEO
  • Creation of SEO and SEA campaigns
  • Management of social media campaigns
  • Follow up and optimization of different traffic channels.


Our guidance and data analysis has an objective to position and maintain your website on top position in search engines and to optimize your conversion rate in your website.

Behavior of internet users:

It is not efficient to attract traffic to your website without converting the users as potential buyers. Our understanding pf customer experience and consumer behaviors allows our agency Webneoo to offer solutions and advanced technique of CRO (conversion rate optimization).

Webneoo's consultants offer different solutions to optimize conversions in your website. Each need has a specific strategy that is applied via:

  • An audit of the website and of the search engine ranking
  • The analysis of UX and ergonomics (specifically on mobile)
  • The audit of analytics and the establishment of KPIs
  • A strategic recommendation on sales funnels
  • Establishment of AB testing
  • Behavioral study on site.

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