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Webneoo gathers the best developers and designers in the region
to help companies achieve their goals and increase in value.

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Our team is composed of permanent talents who garantee the quality of delivery and of our elite network of talents.

Permanent Talents

Members who are permanently at webneoo.
Michel Achkar

Michel Achkar

Chief Executive Officer
An entrepreneurial, Computer Engineer whose programming and managerial skills make him an assuming leader with a clear vision and ambitious goals.
Nour Fakhoury

Nour Fakhoury

Chief Technology Officer
A telecom engineer with a passion for robotics. He is always after the next big thing and his expansion goals are limitless.
Céline Khourieh

Céline Khourieh

Account Director
A gifted creative director with an equally impressive talent of programming. Céline is a perseverant perfectionist, with an unquestionable work ethic.
Racha Kazzi

Racha Kazzi

Graphic Designer
A highly creative and multitalented Graphic Designer with an imagination that has no boundaries. Racha never runs out of ideas that dare to be different.
Carla Zammarie

Carla Zammarie

Business Developer
A talented business developer who knows how to create and expand the company's network. Her outstanding public relation and sales skills makes her a team booster in the company.

Elite network of Talents

Elite network of webneoo.

Project Managers

Our project managers will strive to maintain and lead the project from its inception to its execution. Their responsibilities include planning executing and managing the people, resources and the scope of the project.

Web developers

Our web developers gained an expertise in their domain by developing websites from concept to completion during their years of experience. They will ensure your project will be delivered on time.

Mobile developers

Our developers are specialized in mobile technology and have the expertise to build mobile applications using a native or a cross platform technology depending on the needs and requests of the clients.

Graphic Designers

Our graphic designers will illustrate the concept of the project using their best judgement and expertise. More importantly they will make sure to respect the request of the clients by submitting layouts for approval.

UI/UX Designers

Our designers will gather and evaluate the user’s requirements and collaborate with the developers in order to optimize applications and deliver a user friendly experience.


Our copywriters will describe the visual elements and main ideas using the words, verbal content and keywords that transmit best the vision and message of the project.

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