Some of your Questions:

Q. When does my project begin?

Once you pay the deposit, the project manager will call you to announce the commencement of the project and gather a team to begin right away.

Q. How did you put a proposal together so quickly?

We’ve seen enough projects that we can tell what yours should cost after a short conversation. Our quotes are real and 100% guaranteed. If we underestimate and lose money on your project, that’s on us.

Q. How competent are the developers?

We have established a specific procedure to select and recruit the top talents. Our developers come from a selection of the top graduates and have gained a lot of experience in the domain.

Q. Can you connect me directly with my developers?

Our developers value their anonymity and prefer not to work directly with clients. That is why they’re on Webneoo instead of a developer marketplace. We’ve found that adding a product manager between the client and the development team, which often consists of a tech architect, designer, and several developers, makes the process much smoother.

Q. Why would you be considered worth the cost?

We make sure to select the top talents and deliver a product with maintenance and guarantee. The project won’t risk going poorly and will be maintained by professionals. You will get what you pay for.

Q. How long will it take to complete the project?

The time required to complete a project depends on the type, complexity and content that is needed. On average, websites can be built in 3 to 4 months.

Q. I don't have enough budget for my project. Can we partner for equity?

Yes. You can.

Q.What kind of design work do you do?

We can integrate existing designs or build you a new design at any level of finish.

Q. Can you integrate my design?

Yes we can either integrate existing design or build at any moment, any kind of design that respects your request.

Q. Who are some of your clients?

We work with clients of all sizes. We deliver services to individuals that want to build their personal blog, small businesses, startups and even big firms, that range of different industries. Furthermore, our clients come from different countries.

Q. Will you send me frequent updates?

The project manager will update you on a weekly basis by e-mail, phone call or video call. He will also review with you the work that has been completed to make sure it suits your expectations and apply the changes requested, before proceeding to next phase.

Q. How can we manage to achieve the goal with a restrictive budget?

We offer multiple solutions, and select the ones that can serve best your demands respecting the budget set. Partnership equity is also a possibility we consider.

Q. Will you go out of business in the middle of my project?

No. We are an company established in 2012 and our business model is very stable.