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Antelias Diocese | Religious website

Formerly known as the Archdiocese of Cyprus, after the Lebanese Synod took place in the monastery of Our Lady of Louaize in 1736, the region of Bikfaya and Beit Chabab and their farms were annexed, and the rest of the villages of Metn to Beirut Bridge. Then, in 1986, a new Bishop of the Diocese was elected, following the resignation of Bishop Elias Farah. In 1988, the Synod of Bishops approved the division of the diocese of Cyprus into two parishes: one dealing with the island of Cyprus and preserving the name of the Maronite diocese of Cyprus; and the other dealing with the subjects of the Maronite diocese of Antelias. Boutros Gemayel was elected to the Archdiocese of Cyprus, and Bishop Youssef Bishara remained Bishop of the Archdiocese of Antelias.

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